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This is one of my favourite breads. made well its awesome, but its very easy to make too.

  • Flour 1kg
  • Instant Active yeast-20 gm
  • Sugar-20 gm
  • Salt -20 gm
  • Water-800 ml
  • Olive oil-100 ml

Mix Flour with yeast, sugar and salt.Add in the water. the dough will be very very sticky.

Dont worry thats normal.Add in half of the oil.

allow to proof for about 20minutes.(keep in a warm area with gladwrap on dough or a wet tea towel).

Divide into 4 and spread flat on baking trays with the remainder of the oil.make dimples with your fingers on the top

of the dough and then add the oil.

when the bread is proofed nicely(risen) Bake at 195 C for 13-15 minutes.

You can add fresh herbs in the dough and some rock salt on top before the baking process

.Enjoy it hummus, just some olive oil and balsamic dressing or for a sandwich.only your creativity limits you.

Today im making  a higher fibre version of this with 20% oats added and that much reduced from the flour content of it


Chocolate mousse

  • dark chocolate -150 gms melted with about 30 ml cream
  • eggs -2 whole
  • sugar-45 gms
  • vanilla essence- 2-3 ml
  • dark cocoa powder- 10-20 gms i use home brand cocoa or valrohna .
  • cream- 200 ml
  • alcohol-10-20 ml ( grand marnier/ whisky or baileys/ rum/ brandy  )

whisk cream and keep in fridge till later.

whisk eggs sugar and vanilla essence over a double boiler till thick and foamy and ribbony consistency.(not dont overcook the egg or you have a sweet scrambled egg)

add chocolate and cocoa powder and alcohol  to it.

allow to cool down then fold in the cream inside and portion into cups or bowls and allow to set for a few hours.if you want this set faster then you have to add in some gelatine after the egg stage.( the gelatine if using should be about 10 gm maximum and soaked with about 40 ml of liquid / water)

Gateau Opera

We are making a beautiful gateau opera tonight  in our cookery class. this is an almond sponge called joconde which is layered with a coffee flavoured butter cream and ganache.

For the sponge we need( will make one half sheet pan30cmx 40 cms)

  1. ground almond -85 gms
  2. sugar- 55 gms
  3. flour-30 gm
  4. eggs whole-3 ea
  5. Vanilla essence- 1ml
  6. egg  white – 2ea
  7. sugar- 30 gms
  8. melted butter-30 gm
  • mix almond sugar, flour together with the whole eggs and vanilla
  • beat the egg whites with the sugar till quite stiff and fold it into earlier mixture
  • fold in melted butter and bake in pre heated oven at 180c for 7-9 minutes.
  • take out and keep covered to prevent it from drying out.


Swiss butter cream

  1. egg whites-3
  2. sugar-150 gms
  3. soft butter- 300 gms
  4. coffee liqueur

whisk egg whites with sugar over a double boiler till light.Add in soft butter and some coffee liqueur.


  1. cream- 50 ml
  2. Dark chocolate- 100 gms

Melt chocolate along with cream and use for one layer of the cake.

for glaze

  1. dark chocolate- 75 gms
  2. butter-45 gms
  3. sugar syrup or glucose- 20 ml

Melt butter chocolate and glucose in a pan and adjust consistency to be able to pour on top of the cake.

the rest is all about arranging it neatly together and piping “opera ” on it with some chocolate.



mango pudding with basil/ sabja

this delicious pudding is a version of a panacotta, but we gave it a southeast asian twist when we made it and topped it with basil seeds soaked in water. they go a bit funny, and then we used those for garnishing the dessert. the result funky looking and delicious and gluten free too.

this recipe is designed to be made for a big bunch of people, because u have to use up the whole tin of mango, u could halve it but then use the mango elsewhere so it doesnt go waste


  • mango puree/pulp tinned – 1 tin (850) gms
  • milk500 ml
  • cream 500ml
  • sugar 100gm
  • gelatine-14 gm soaked in 60 ml room temp water
  • coconut cream- 400 ml
  • basil seeds- 5 gms
  1. soak gelatine in water . soak basil seeds separately as well
  2. heat up mango pulp and reduce to half. take off the heat and add sugar to sweeten.
  3. heat up milk and cream. when boiled add in gelatine and mix well.
  4. start too cool down, add coconut cream, when almost room temperature, add in mango pulp mix.
  5. continue to cool  down, mixing every few minutes.
  6. pour into glass bowlsor wine/ martini glasses, and refrigerate atleast 2 hours to allow it to set nicely.
  7. the basil seeds will have started to look like fish/ frog  eggs by now, .spoon a little on top of the pudding before serving.

chocolate raspberry brownie

  1. Dark chocolate buttons  285 gms

  2. sugar  270 gms

  3. flour  45 gms

  4. cocoa 85 gms(dark really dark bitter kind)

  5. butter  185 gms

  6. eggs    3 nos

  7. Raspberry frozen  100 gms

  8. white chocolate buttons 100 gms

  9. vanilla essence 2 mlMethod
  • melt the dark chocolate and butter.

  • whisk eggs and sugar till thick and creamy.

  • mix well the flour and cocoa powder, if lumpy then sieve together.

  • Add vanilla essence , and the melted chocolate and butter mix to the eggs.

  • slowly fold in the flour /cocoa mixture.

  • line one half chafing pan/or half sheet pan 12 inch x 18 inch pan  with greaseproof paper, and pour the mix over it then top with the raspberries and the white chocolate.

  • bake at 175 C for 25-30 minutes. the center shouldn’t be too dry just soft cos we want them to be gooey like proper brownies should

  • Cool down well, and cut into desired size for use.

  • Makes about 1 small tray of brownie